Yoga Classes + Reteats

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•Yoga Class Hatha Vinyasa Flow suitable for all abilities.

•Extended Yoga Sessions
Extended sessions allow for a deeper yoga practice and will incorporate a greater focus on breath work, meditation and extended savasana/relaxation:

•Empower & Strengthen 
A class designed to build personal power and physical strength. Dynamic & uplifting!

•Compassionate Practice
A class inspired at cultivating self compassion and how this can enhance our lives & others.

•Yoga Chill
A beautifully relaxing session!  With supported postures and longer holds allowing you to let
go in mind & body. Soothing music & inspiring readings.

•Holistic Yoga Therapy
2.5-3 hr one to one session 
A prescriptive session that uses yoga, meditation & massage to bring about balance to body mind & spirit. It can also include aromatherapy & Reiki depending on the clients individual needs. Sessions are suitable for a host of issues from physical complaints to stress & exhaustion to healing past trauma. 
An in depth consultation & aftercare is provided
We Run YOGA Classes Through-Out The Week, At Seeds2Glory Our Time Table Is A Click Below, Please Check For Days & Times, 

Every 6 Weeks We Will Be Running Yoga Retreats: Check The Retreats Below.