How can you build a temple out of rubble? In order to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, and achieve your fitness goals, you must fuel your body properly. 

can help with your dietary choices to compliment your training regime and an eating schedule, without becoming obsessive or setting unrealistic restrictions.

Whether you are a professional athlete or simply exercising to improve your health, nutrition plays a key role in optimising the beneficial effects of physical activity. Making better decisions with your nutrition and hydration can result in improved performance, recovery and injury prevention. 

The way in which we do it at Seeds2Glory is firstly we get you to take control by logging a realistic account of your food on a daily basis for a week. This is where we come in so along side your training plan we will then work with you in order to help with a tailored nutrition plan that suits you. 
Consuming the right balance of food and drink is important for everyone. Yet those actively participating in sport on a regular basis need to be aware that it can also affect your energy levels and performance . 

At Seeds2Glory we look at your macro nutrients, your intake of Fats, protein and carbohydrates these macro nutrients all provide your body with fuel to maintain energy. Carbohydrates are the primary fuel used by working muscles. Adequate intake is essential for preventing muscle fatigue. While you should monitor your fat intake, you should not remove it from your diet completely. Fats provide fatty acids that can be used as a source of energy - especially if your exercise sessions last longer than one hour. Fats also provide the building blocks for hormones and formation of cell walls. Protein can be used as a source of energy and is critical for building new muscle tissue. If you are taking part in resistance training, your body will require additional protein.

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In order to maintain a healthy weight eating well is crucial. If you are looking to lose weight for sport, strictly reducing your protein, fat or calorie intake can not only have a negative impact on your performance. 

The aim of us is to create a nutrition plan for an individual’s training needs. The plan will incorporate both food and hydration. It doesn’t matter if you're casually exercising or training for a professional event, sports nutrition is integral to performance. These strategies can also help to:
*                increase energy levels
*                promote good health
*                help manage weight
*                improve concentration
*                develop body composition 
*                enhance recovery.

To create the best nutrition strategy, we will need to assess not just an individual's training and diet but also their lifestyle, day to day habits, supplements and if you are taking any medication. We will also be able to analyse and support you with your long and short-term goals.