The Biggest Loser

Application for The Biggest Loser is now closed.
Pls Be Patient For Next Event. 

Swindon BIGGEST LOSER is finally here you can now apply ! 
We will be choosing 10 people out of 100, for FREE, to spend 6 weeks with our team. 

2017 brings a NEW YEAR and a NEW YOU! 

Swindon Biggest Loser!!!
This Programme has already got so much attention! 
Due to what's included with the course : 
Basic Nutrition Programme
Exercise Training 
Meditation Courses
Self Defence 
Life Coaching
Don't miss your opportunity to work with our team as seen below: 
Ricardo (Trainer/Life Coach)
Siobhan (Trainer/Nutrition)
Richard (Trainer/Therapist)

In a hope to change your life Physically, Mentally & Spiritually 

You Will Have A Taste Of Self Defence! 
Learn To Control The Mind! 
You Will Be Given The Tool For Success,

The Biggest Loser Isn't Just About Losing Weight! 
It's About You Losing The Old Self, To Replace It With A New Self A Better One, With Our Guidance. 
Those Chosen Will show us 110% Commitment and in turn we will give this to you too. 

With this Brand New Course, 
10 People Will Learn To Deal With Day To Day Life Better.
We Will Teach You About Control Of The Mind. 
Which will help with lots of Stresses In Life that are Connected/Linked.
Think Of You As a young tree rooted To The Ground, ( A Pure 
Authentic You). You As The Trunk Grew Big And Stong With Strong Foundations From The Very Start, 
However In Time You Started To Branch Off From You !
A Branch Can Be Grown Quickly, 
It Can Become Weak and Brittle due to its external environment and as a result can Break Off From The Trunk Quickly.
As You Branch Out From The Trunk You Get To Feel Life With You Own Eyes, The Good And The Bad, 
Some Branches Get Fungal Which Kills The Branch, Without Care And Treatment It Can Make Its Way Down To The Trunk damaging the roots.
Knowing This We Will Give You Tools To Make Your Life More Fulfilling and branch out in the right direction.

Do You Know Why You Don't No What You Want ?
Two Reasons,
The First, You Already Have It.
The Second, You Simply Don't No Yourself. Lets Explain Why You Seem To Be Stuck In This Vicious Cycle Of Searching For Happiness With One Self,
Your Mind Is Wired Up, Not To Know. 
For example 
A Fire Doesn't Burn Its Self,
And A Knife Can't Cut Its Self,
If you Understand This From The Start it Will Help You "Let Go". And Help You Stop Worrying. 
Happiness Comes From Within, Loving Yourself, Loving Everyone In Your Life. 
Coming Away From People Who Put You Down.
It's Time To Stop searching for Happiness, But To Become The Fire of Happiness.

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Apply For An Application Pack, By Sending Us An Email

Please Anwser All Questions To The Best You Can. 
From All The Applications We Will Short List Them To The Top 20, 
Due To There Anwsers To The Questions. 

The Top 20 People Will Meet The Seed's 2 Glory Team. 
Where We Would Go Through Your Application To See If We Can Help. 

Please Dont Worry Or Feel That We Have Let You Down In Any Way If We don't Choose You. 

We Provide Lots Of Services Which Will Interest You!