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The Trainer : Siobhan O'Connell

November 24 2016

Siobhan O'Connell is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer who qualified with Premier Global in 2007. She has always had a passion for sports; running, cross country, gymnastics, trampolining from an early age. Academically she has passed her Sports Science A-level and graduated in business with Cardiff university, which lead her to pursue a business in the fitness industry. 
She finds this such a rewarding role to have chosen and she counts herself lucky to do something she truly loves and has a real passion for !
In addition to this Siobhan is continuing her journey and starting a sports massage course Level 4 in order to extend her knowledge and help with individuals whom are prone to becoming injured this is offered in order to prevent injuries from occurring. 
At present Siobhan works as a freelance personal trainer and has previously managed two gyms onsite for Npower where she did a number of different classes, including circuits, boxercise, aerobics, resistance training and running clubs. In which all classes became very busy over a small space of time and was a valued member of the organisation. 
She promoted health and wellbeing across Npower and arranged fitness events for the company and organised local runs and sponsored classes to raise money for local charities. Within her time at Npower she met lots of people but the most important aspect of this was changing people's opinions and drive towards getting them up from their desks before work, lunch times and after work in order to change their lives and introduce them into the gym and in turn this began to bring people together across the organisation, making it a fun environment to be involved in and an escapism from their desks. 
Even though she trains individuals as her job, she has also thought it was important to be trained by a few different trainers for a period of time to see how it feels from a clients perspective. During this process it became a valuable experience being able to show empathy with someone on an individual basis and also learning different teaching styles from this, she decided to take the best bits and add her personality, drive, knowledge and commitment in order to provide her clients with her full attention and expertise. 
Within Siobhan's career as a trainer she has experience training a number of different people from children, clients with injuries helping with rehabilitation, training individuals to achieve goals for example tough mudder events, half Iron man events within the U.K. 5k,10k runs, half marathons, marathons, body building competitions and people whom are striving to loose weight and gain muscle mass or to help with strength, endurance and conditioning. 
Siobhan has managed to get people to achieve some magnificent successes by working together, giving people the understanding and confidence they need and knowing that dedication and consistency is key! you can read a few of these success stories on our one 2 one training page. 
She believes that everyone is different and helps clients on an individual basis in order for them to achieve their goals and encourage their maximum potential. 
Along with this Siobhan will always look at the dietary requirements that helps assist the individuals goals. 
In 2012 Siobhan was blessed to give birth to her second child and wanted to set a goal for herself to see what was possible if the body was pushed to its maximum potential. She had to work on her mind,body and soul she decided that she would enter her first body building competition for the UKBFF which is a recognised body building federation. 
This was a massive challenge because within a year of having her second child she was required to get on stage for the first time with others. This wasn't a small goal, not only to transform and train her body, she had to train her mind into believing this was possible. 
Siobhan trained to the maximum, she gave all of her spare time and energy into her diet, training, family, and dedicated the year to the plan she set in place to see if this goal was achievable, along the way there were lots of hurdles that she had to overcome and it was far from easy for her 
There are a number of times in life we can change direction and steer off course and quite easily take short cuts and throw the towel in, however time and time again she followed what she believed in what she wanted to achieve. 
In April 2013 Siobhan walked on stage in front of hundreds of people, at the time this was her own personal goal and she knew what she was capable of doing when you want something and you give it your all! 
This is why she has faith in absolutely everyone that she can help you achieve your goal by working with Siobhan and unleashing your potential! 
From this competition she placed and continued it all over again for the next year to enter into the UK Finals which at the start of all of this she would never of thought was possible! 
All of Siobhan's experiences and knowledge are now put into practice as a trainer for Seeds2Glory working alongside two amazing people Richard and Ricardo and together they have created a professional, knowledgable and experienced team to help guide you to the new you !

Trainer Coach : Ricardo De-Fazio

November 24, 2016

About Ricardo 
2016 Has Mark Massive Achievement For Ricardo & Others.
He Has Travelled Europe For Over A Month On His Bike, Cycling Over 4000 Miles.
Ricardo Decided to become Homeless & to Tented For 15 Weeks, Which Was Undoubtably his Best Move Of His Life, A Story That Is Far From Over!

The Start Of The Year He Became Pride Of Swindon. A Reward From The Town For All The Good Work He Had Put In For The Town.

Ricardo And His Clients Cycle Rides And Train With Train Raised Over 7k For Charities.
This Was The Year Ricardo Face Some Of His Fears, 
Learning To Write, For Him To Was One. Ricardo Wanted To Express His Own Views Of Life.

He Set Up A Facebook Page Called “Love Live N Empathies” Which Is Full Of His Own View

Of Life As We Know It.
He Has Promised To Publish This As A Book One Day Soon.

This Year Was A Great Test Of His Body He Pushed Him Self More Then Ever,
Whislt Asking Question From His Body It Seem To Have An Answers To Any Question He Ask upon it. “No Limits Found Yet”

Ricardo Passed BodyPump Course This Year, His RPM / BP Classes Have Remained Busy And Hard,
He As Managed To Work In All Surounding Areas Ie Oxfordshire Berkshire & Swindon.

His BootCamp Has Been Amazing, But It Taking Now Taken a  Massive Step Forward In 2017.
One Of The Key Roles For Ricardo Is Bringing People Together via Connected With others,

Ricardo Picked Up A New Voluntary Role In His Life As Ambassador For Brighter Future. Due To Him Creatind Awareness Of The Chairty, & What The Cause is (Radiotherapy Ward)

He spend time this year unlock himself and His abilities, 
Doing This Has able Him To change his body for the Tasks that lay before him.
Once's He understood That He Is a vessel That The Earth  grows, and that food surrounding us and gravity sculpted us , his efforts are his own , Ricardo has felt pain and get injured, however pain is temporary, he focuses on the reward out of it,


Ricardo Say's:

I often fail, school, college and indeed life, Ive been knocked down before. But to succeed in life we/i must learn from every knock down is a step closer to Success, I must learn and turn it to rise Bigger and stronger!
I sell Fulfilment To all, But I don't sell cars. I sell the best in you. I wanna show you, your ability. A know fact ! The most wealthiest place in the world is not Dubai China or any country you know of! It's a Cemetery, why you may ask ! Think how many people died with dreams they never Pursuits, how many Inventions lay with them , how many amazing books ideas or thoughts died with them.Maybe they got knocked down but others! The Naysayers in your life, The People who don't have your dreams or ideas, But rather then using it as a stepping stone to success you crumbled. What I'm saying, life is a system of wave, your born you live you die ! You can fight it has much as you like! But you will never win. Every one around you is on the same wave. One day the earth will Cleanse us, to make way for fresh and new us!
There is nothing more satisfying in your heart , knowing what you have done and left behind for others, how many people have you changed or helped change.Did you know the most powerful thing in our world is a changed mind. The human spirit is so powerful.

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for exercise. It has always played a big part of my life from an early age, even at school PE was my favourite subject. Originally I am from a small village called Woodcote in Oxfordshire at the top of the Chilterns. Sport and exploring was my thing. Woodcote was Situated between Berkshire and Oxfordshire.  I represented both counties in both running and football and my age I was at the top level. Woodcote was full of woodland and very high up so whenever I went out anywhere I'd have to climb back up the hills. It didn't take me long to understand my strength (physical activity). Reading and writing was never my forte but I learnt the ability of the connection between the two. Whilst others were passing their exams, I watched and learnt about the bigger picture. I used to spend a lot of time with my friends in the woods having fun and going on adventures.From school I went to a sports college for 2 years to pass an Diploma in sports science.I'll always remember my college tutor once said to me (please use this quote yourself - it's very powerful) "If money was no object, what would you really enjoy doing?". Well when we finally got down to what I really wanted to do which was a become a sport or life coach as I wanted to connect as many people as possible together in my life. He replied "you do that and forget the money, if you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting your time. You’ll be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is to go on doing things you don’t like doing, which is stupid. Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way. And after all, if you do really like what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter what it is, you can eventually turn it – you could eventually become a master of it. It’s the only way to become a master of something, to be really with it. . So don’t worry too much".
I have always believed there are three things in this life in any culture, any walk of life that brings people together. These are Music, Food and Sports. So four years ago I really decided to combine my passion, what I believe and my desire to bring people together in to a career. I have a desire to help people get fit, change the way they feel and bring families and communities together.

The Yogini : Becky Barry

February 20 2017
Becky with over 14 years experience in the Health & Wellbeing industry teaches predominantly a Vinyasa Hatha style Yoga with a keen focus on alignment & breath. Additionally some Iyenga & Yin Yoga influences are also notable in her practice.
She teaches traditional classes, one to ones and hosts more in depth workshops & retreats. She is passionate about making yoga accessible for all no matter the students age, ability, gender or motivation.

She believes strongly that yoga can be beneficial and adaptable whoever you are! Her classes and one to one students include athletes looking to prevent or recover from injury and improve performance.
To the other end of the spectrum working with those that are facing limiting conditions. Her goal is to help people find not only better body awareness and the benefits it creates but to provide a space where people can learn to manage the emotional stresses life can bring.
She hopes people leave her sessions with a renewed sense of self, strength, confidence & calm. Becky also works as a Prescriptive Massage Therapist combining her years of experience & training that includes Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Techniques, Hot Stone Therapy, Bamboo Massage, NMT Techniques & Reiki Level 2 to provide an entirely personalised treatment.

Her clients range from professional sports people looking to relieve DOMS and improve muscle function to those suffering with more stress related conditions that can be relieved through holistic therapy. Recently she has started merging yoga & therapy to create a holistic package that can tactical issues on all levels be it postural/injury based to relieving emotion trauma.
Becky is also a fully qualified Level 3 Beauty Therapist, Baby Massage Instructor.
She holds a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Qualification from The Orange Yoga School Is ITEC trained in her Holistic Therapies graduating from The Cotswold Academy, Cheltenham Holistic Training School & The Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine.

Therapist : Richard Jones

November 24, 2016

About Richard:
Richard Jones is personal trainer and coach who specialises in self development through

personal and spiritual growth.
Through his deep knowledge of Spiritualism and Transpersonal Psychology, Richard has
an ability to guide people safely and effectively into a full understanding of self awareness
through metaphysical topics, such as Spiritual/ Transpersonal Experience, and insight
based self development and healing.
UK Born of mixed heritage, Richard Graduated from the University of East London in 2000
after completing his Bachelor of arts in Psychosocial Studies.
His own Spiritual awakening began early as he found he was able to deeply understand
the nature of spiritual mediumship and internal energy with no prior study or knowledge.
Experiencing conscious metaphysical awareness beyond the physical during his late teens
and into his adulthood, moulded Richard's outlook and perception permanently.
From this both before and after education, he became personally focused upon a sincere
and intensely motivated path of self enquiry into spiritual development, which included
both study and practical experience.
This journey has taken him through many bases in Europe, Central America and Asia deep
into the energetic studies of Meditation, Spiritual Mediumship, Reiki, Chi Kung and
He has trained and learned from many schools varying and combining Authentic Martial
Arts and healing modalities, predominantly in Asia.
In the east he has practiced, lived and studied predominantly alongside the
understandings of ISKCON, S.N Goenka, and Zhang Sanfeng.
In the West he has studied and achieved teaching accreditation on the subject of Spiritual
Ascension under the Diana Cooper Foundation, has completed a Reiki healing Mastership
with A Oliver, and completed all courses of Diamond light tantra to level three.
He has a full diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and coaching with Motivation Training UK,
and has completed his Zen meditation and mindfulness teacher training, of both the
wellbeing and insight branches with Zenways.
His Kundalini Yoga teacher training was completed with the International School of
Kundalini Yoga, and he is known to the Kundalini research Institute as Seva Narayan
He is a level three personal trainer qualified with Premier Global, and he is qualified in
Advanced Theta Healing under the Theta Healing Academy.
His level three award in education and training was completed with Petals Training, and he

is currently studying for his level two in Kundalini Yoga alongside his Master NLP and
coaching diploma with the UK College of Personal Development.
He has also began his preparatory study for Chi Kung instructor training with Universal
Healing Tao.
Richard's aim from all of his studies both esoteric and clinical, was to draw him closer to a
professional based direct understanding, formatting and presentation of the Universal Life
Force Healing energy of the Soul and the inner experiences of conscious awareness he
understood so very naturally.
His key interest is in the personal training and development of people through unlocking
awareness, uniting the conscious presence of ones purest understanding of self, from
clear health of mind and physical body, to clear heart, soul and authentic presence of True
Richard is currently based in the UK where he works on his teaching and further studies.
He enjoys working alongside Guardian Care helping autistic and disabled children, and
being a coach in the change for life programme which he operates in schools.
He holds a passion in fitness and Martial Arts, is a qualified self defence instructor, and
maintains his original SIA qualification working in the Security Industry.
On sabbatical he enjoys traveling the world and exploring all other cultures openly, seeking
to both learn from new surroundings whilst sharing his knowledge to people of all walks of
life Unconditionally, and has proudly become a treasurer for the Apollo Aid Foundation.
His only Vision to instil confidence and practicality in all aspirants for incorporating a
diligent understanding of Authentic Self into life and being, by unlocking balance, purpose
and happiness in each individuals unique path of health, wellbeing and deeper personal